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Class 4C CEU and test prep

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Each lesson in this course must be completed sequentially.  You should read and make sure you understand the content of each lesson before proceeding to the next.

To ensure that you have met the required number of contact hours and have reviewed the content you will not be able to proceed to the next lesson until a set amount of time has passed.  The timer at the bottom of each page will count down the minimum amount of time you should spend on each lesson.  Once the timer reaches zero you will be able to click Complete Lesson.

If you’d like to go back and review, there is a link at the bottom of every page.


Other Lessons

520 CMR 6.00 4c22

Length: 1 minutes

Companies Operating Solely on Company Property: A company, including rental companies, which operates Hoisting Machinery specifically limited to industrial lift trucks, Fork Lifts, overhead cranes and other Hoisting Machinery specifically authorized by the Department andContinue reading520 CMR 6.00 4c22

520 CMR 6.00 4c26

Length: 2 minutes

Signal Person. A trained individual specially appointed by the operator to direct the operator of Hoisting Machinery and warn of possible or existing hazards through the use of hand signals or flashing lights. (See AppendixContinue reading520 CMR 6.00 4c26

520 CMR 6.00 4c24

Length: 1 minutes

Injury and Incident Documentation. A form furnished by the Department of Public Safety detailing all specific information regarding any Serious Injury or Mechanical Failure that may have occurred. In-Service Training. A company program that hasContinue reading520 CMR 6.00 4c24